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Consulting Service Payement

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Who can use our services?

  1.  Researchers. Researchers in science areas in mathematical theory study, sampling design, collecting data and data analysis stage of their research. See statistics for resercher page.
  2. Statistics Organizations. Statistics organizations can use our services in Data collection and surveys, designing data collection systems such as  website forms and data collecting machines, Optical March Reader development. See statistics for Statistics Organizations page.
  3. Buisness Companies. Buisness companies can benefit from our statistical firm study and marketing analysis. See statistics for Buisness page.

What are The Main Scope of Our Activities?

  1. Statistics. Can be applied by all fields mentioned above, in scientific manner in order to made right decision.
  2. Organization Data Management. We can help any organization to organize database systems such as official statistics system and internal information system design.
  3. Data Websites Presentation. Organizations can use our services for designing websites for presenting data in tables and graphs. designed by Dr Hossein Riazoshams  for online services of "babelian Statistic consult" company registered under "bolagsverket" sweden. We are using an international team of researchers in several fields of sciences, such as Statistics, Sociologist, Management, and Accounting. See About Us  page and list of our scientist.

Fees and prices:

Prices depends on plenty of factors such as, research project area, sampling cost, and many other factors. The following prices are usual consulting price for statistical analysis and consulting that are not required data collection. Firms consulting depends on the volum of andhardness of the work and agreement between two side.
  1. Personal consulting: data analysis for sole parson per hour by PhD experts 400 SEK, by Master Experts 300SEK.
  2. Organization consulting: data analysis per hour by PhD experts 500 SEK, by Master Experts 400SEK.

How to use our services?

  1. Fill up the following form. Try to provide as much as information you can such as time and statistical subject, it help us to choose the most appropriate parson in appropriate time.
  2. After receiving your problem we try to choose right parson for consulting you.
  3. He/She gives His/Her initial optinion in the problem, if required physiscal meeting will be arranged and detail of problem will be finalized.
  4. If agreement in detail and price reached a deposit fee will be handled online.
  5. The final report will be presented to you in arranged time.
Consulting request form.
What kind of research is your problem?
What Statistical subject you expect to be applied?
Expected Time:
Expected Time unit:      How long you think your project need.

Problem Detail:  Explain your problem in detail.   If you want to upload data file explain it also.  
You can upload your data file now or later.
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